Read Carefully

Do you charge?

Due to time constraints and costs of living, I do usually charge for sessions. 


I provide disciplinary and punishment spankings to those who need them. I also give stress relief/therapy and spankings just for the sake of taking a hard spanking! We can discuss the reason for your spanking first thing, so we both know what to expect.


1. NO SEX OR SEXUAL TOUCHING. This includes yourself. I do not give erotic spankings and I do not tolerate it in my presence.

2. Only undress as much as you want to. Just your bottom bare? Perfect. Want to be fully nude? Great! (So long as rule 1 is kept in mind)

3. No Anal Discipline on the first meeting. Sorry, it's a bit intimate to share with a stranger. Get to know me!

4. I do not host, but I do travel on occasion.

5. Be honest. I'm not going to judge you if you want me to play the strict Mommy, but don't tell me you want something you don't or leave anything important out! This spanking is for you, so don't hold back.


Written Sessions

 I do written directed spankings for $15 a piece guaranteed to  have scolding, humiliation, ordering you to undress or wear the clothing  you say you have, and how many swats to give each cheek. I will then  end with a timeout. 

Video Chat Sessions

Skype directed spankings and scoldings are $75 for half an hour. $100 For Missy AND Miss Sephie! Doing everything we do for written, just verbal! We will scold, and give a directed spanking!

I have an HD webcam and solid internet, so no blurry pictures and stuttering video wasting time!

In person session Prices

$125 for 30-45mins

$175 for Missy AND Miss Sephie to spank you! 

Do you crave a no nonsense, full force, bare bottomed spanking like you would have gotten as a child? You've come to the right woman!