Spanking Models

Miss Sephie

Miss Sephie is a dedicated disciplinarian. It is her passion to deliver the hard spankings that many crave and need. 10+ years of experience make her suitable for this calling.


Missy has a few years experience as a switch. Her implement technique is flawless, and her bottom takes a spanking like a champ! Being versatile means that she is always busy, but she is dedicated.


John has over ten years experience in the spanking world. While he is a top, he takes the hardest spankings of all as well. Talk about taking one for the team! His accuracy knows no equal.

Miss Cherry

Miss Cherry is a versatile switch who can give as hard as she gets! With more than 10 years experience in the scene, she's well equipped to handle any disciplinary situation (when she's not busy being a brat!)


Dixie has over eight years of experience in the community, and it shows! She has taken severe spankings and come back for more. 


Parker has been into the spanking scene for four years, and her bottom matches her heart's determination on discipline!


A caning enthusiast, he takes as hard as he gives!


Arial is the newest member to the studio! Her pout is perfect, her bottom is ready for discipline, and she's learning to give it too!


 Ever thought about being a spanking model? Contact me and that just might happen!