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 My name is Sephie, and I have been spanking and providing corrective discipline for over ten years.  I am an intelligent, experienced, and dedicated disciplinarian. I love  to meet with other like minded individuals who also enjoy the wonderful  world of being a spanko. I am an open-minded woman who loves to hear what others have to say.


Do you give sessions?

I believe that true discipline is for  the betterment of the spankee, to help them achieve their own moral and  personal goals as well as uphold the ones that I set for them. I  give stress relief and punishment spankings to those who can come to  me, as well as organize directed sessions for the betterment of the  submissive/bottom. 


What I'm looking for

 Currently I am involved in a solid relationship and am not looking  for any additions to that relationship. I am however, looking for friends and willing  bottoms to spank! 

Miss Sephie

When it all began...

For as long as I can remember, spanking has been a fascination, if not an obsession of mine. The youngest incident I can think of was watching my childhood 'boyfriend' of about 8 get spanked bare bottomed by a wooden spoon by his mother in front of me and my sister. I grew up wanting to wield that spoon!


One of my favorite positions is over the knee, because it's intimate and old fashioned. Feeling their stomach tense as the spanking grows more intense, feeling every little squirm they give, locking their legs with mine... It's the best!

My favorite implement is the belt or a leather strap. I love the sound it makes, and the colors that it leaves on a nice white bottom.

Do you switch?

I am not a switch, and I do not switch. I have bottomed for special occasions though! You can find those clips in my store. Cherish them, they're rare!

The Studios

Cherry Cheeks


Miss Sephie spanks the naughty bottoms of many naughty girls, and a few naughty boys!

Cherry Cheeks


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