Custom Scoldings


What is a custom scolding?

 A video where I scold you by name for a transgression, and threaten you  with an implement of your choosing for a spanking! This is followed by  either a spanking for John or Missy, or a directed session!  In the directed session, I would spank to a set number and you spank along!

How do I get one?

Answer the Questions below, and then Donate $25!

When do I get it?

Currently wait times are much longer! Within a month, I will email you the link to the download!

My request is more spicific...

You might be looking for a Customized Video instead of a scolding! Contact me with the idea and we'll discuss price! 

The Questions


What name should I address you as?

What did you do?

What implement should I use?

(If a directed session, pick one you also own, like a hairbrush or spoon!)

What do you like to hear when being scolded?

(How bad you've been, how sore you're going to be, ect. What helps you get into that headspace?)

Who should I spank?

Missy or John, if either?

Multiple Orders

2 Videos at Once

$40, that's $10 off!

Other Customs

If you purchase any custom video from me, not just the scolds, you get a discount of 10% off from what you paid last time! So if you got a $50 custom, that's $7.50 off your next custom video! A $120 would be a whopping $18 off your next video!

This does not pair with the return customer deal, whichever saves you the most money I will do!

Return Customer

If you've bought a custom scolding video from me before, you get $5 off your next custom order!

Send It In

Paste your answered questions below!

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