February Family Discipline Sale

Sister Spankings Full

Sold separately or as a whole! Parker, Sephie, and Missy play as sisters who believe in family discipline!

Mother Daughters Discipline Full

Mother/daughter and sister/sister spankings!

Mom Spanks Son and Daughter

Mom spanks her naughty son and daughter separately and together!

Babysitters Spank Little Bro and Sis

Little siblings get in big trouble with their babysitters!

Stepsister's Blackmail Series

A merciless stepsister disciplines her brother. Single videos here. Full video below!

ff spanking

Mom and Dad spank Little Sis

Mom and dad scold YOU for being irresponsible, then spank your little sister for the same thing!

Mother Spanks Daughter for Curfew

Unhappy when her daughter comes home late, drunk, this mother really lets her daughter have it with the belt!

Stepmother's Discipline

This stepmother is having NONE of her new stepsons insolence! 


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