Rosy Memories- Found and Homemade Implements

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A Parting GIft

Buy any implement and send me a note on Etsy that says you want one, and I'll do a short spanking video with the item and your chosen bottom, and then send both the implement and the video! Likewise, I will also do a custom scolding and then send you the implement for self use!

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tawse spanking



spanking wood paddle


A maple wood school paddle, we've labeled it BEHAVE and coated it with poly!

spanking hairbrushes


Wood clothing brush, hair brushes, and bakelite!

jokari spanking paddle


The perfect spanking implement! 15'' by 5'', it's no joke! 



spanking paddle


22'', 3.5'', and 3/8, this lexan paddle with holes is a serious implement!